Waze offers cities a trove of data to help fight traffic

You may have used the Waze app to avoid traffic, but what if that data could be used to fight traffic data on a larger scale? That’s what the Waze for Cities Data program aims to do. Waze is making anonymized user data available to cities for free on Google Cloud and adding the tools to help urban planners analyze it.

Waze for Cities Data launched in 2014 as the Connected Citizens Program. It started with 10 city partners and has since grown to 1,000 partners globally, according to Waze, encompassing both cities and other entities that can make use of the app’s crowdsourced traffic data. Partners will now have access to Waze data collected since April 2019 via Google Cloud, as well as analysis tools BigQuery and Data Studio, which were designed to make sense even to lay audiences, according to Waze.