Waynesburg University and CMU partner to battle rural food insecurity

Carnegie Mellon University, located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recently started working with Waynesburg University on the foundation of a universal service accomplishment. Through the partnership, the two schools focus on conquering food insecurity in rural areas — more specifically, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

“It’s the notion of looking at a large university that’s world class in research [and] development, and then a world class liberal arts institution like Waynesburg,” President Douglas Lee said. “It’s having a real impact on the community through service and the programs we offer.”…

Rural transportation is more scarce than public transportation in urban communities. The Department of Energy awarded a grant to Waynesburg University and Carnegie Mellon University to help study the issue of rural transportation.

President Lee describes this conquest to end food insecurity as having “national consequences” and extending far past the limits of Greene County or Allegheny County, as these solutions could impact rural communities across the country.