Waymo Open Dataset Challenges make a game out of driverless car sensors

Waymo has thrown open its latest self-driving car data set, inviting autonomous vehicle researchers to take part in a set of competitions based on the plentiful data gathered by its driverless fleet. The Waymo Open Dataset Challenges comes as the Google spin-off adds 800 new segments to its multi-sensor dataset, and it could come as a good distraction if you’re stuck at home because of coronavirus self-isolation.

The dataset itself is a bundle of high-resolution sensor data, which Waymo’s vehicles have collected as they roam the roads in various locations. It includes a variety of different geographies and conditions, as well as information from a whole host of sensors. There’s everything in there from cameras mounted on the front and sides of the vehicle, to the mid- and short-range LIDAR, and synchronized data between the two.