Watch Torc Robotics’ Autonomous Car Share the Road with Pedestrians

Before we get to the interesting video, here’s some background information on Torc Robotics, which is a less-known company in the autonomous scene. Torc Robotics was founded by a group of Virginia Tech students who built three autonomous cars to compete in the AUVSI Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. The students placed first, second, and third in the competition and led them to found the company.

While that story doesn’t make it sound like Torc Robotics could compete with the likes of major tech companies, they took to the streets of Las Vegas to demonstrate how well their system works. The company’s autonomous vehicles, like many others, use radar, cameras, and LiDAR. The system, as Digital Trends claims, utilizes NXP TEF810x and MPC577xK chips to “boost its perception capabilities.”