Watch: This New Hybrid eVTOL Flies Like an Airplane and Hovers Like a Chopper

Thanks to lightweight carbon honeycomb construction, the two independent battery packs create enough juice to push the eMagic to a top speed of 106 mph, and a cruise of 90 mph with a one-hour range. Hover time is just four minutes. Still, the combination of “an aircraft with a multicopter gives five times the range compared with a pure multicopter,” says the company.

The eMagic One’s aerodynamics and lightweight landing gear allow it to execute energy-saving, short-runway takeoffs and landings when they are optional. A video that accompanied the introduction showed the eMagic getting airborne from a runway with a pilot at the controls, then pictured it launching vertically while piloted remotely. It didn’t show the craft transitioning from one mode to the other; apparently those tests are yet to come.