Watch This 38-Tonne Self-Driving Vehicle Navigate A Glass Maze

For all the talk of Silicon Valley’s tech giants being in the driving seat of the autonomous vehicle revolution, one company has been innovating in this space for two decades.

Sandvik is a global leader in providing cutting-edge technology to the construction and mining industries, and their next generation of self-driving tech will be a game-changer in Australia.

To prove it with a bang (literally!), an intricate labyrinth of 589 glass sheets was assembled to show how effortlessly the latest vehicles can navigate challenging spaces – until Sandvik CEO Björn Rosengren takes over the wheel, that is…

This next-level tech is in use right now in Australia and has allowed one customer to automate their entire mine.

Jouni Koppanen, Senior Systems Engineer for Automation at Sandvik, explained: “They still have the same number of people working as they did before, but now most are above ground in comfortable offices.