WATCH: China Unveils Fastest Maglev Train in the World With a Speed of Up to 600 km Per Hour

The Chinese, who were earlier dependent on imports for high-speed technology, have managed to build Maglev- the world’s fastest train. Yet, running at a top speed of 600 kmph is perhaps not this train’s most impressive feature. That honour is likely to go to how it achieves this feat in the first place: magnetic levitation…

The Maglev is already in use in China’s Shanghai region, transporting people from the Shanghai airport to town. At its top speed, the train will be able to cover the distance between the Dragon’s administrative capital and its financial capital within 2.5 hours.

Cities like Shanghai and Chengdu are already conducting research on how such high speed could enhance inter-city and inter-province travel.

While those cities are trying to figure out the viability of ultra-fast long-distance transportation, and while other countries (Japan and Germany, for instance) try to reach the velocity achieved by the Dragon, China has already begun experimenting with maglev cars.