Washington DC Circulator System Puts 14 Proterra EV Buses Into Service

Washington DC’s Circulator transportation system — providing door-to-door transit between important regional monuments, museums, and memorials — has now deployed 14 new all-electric Proterra Catalyst E2 buses.
he deployment makes the Washington DC Circulator System the operator of the largest all-electric bus fleet on the East Coast of the USA. Not exactly Shenzhen (which has over 16,000 electric buses in operation), but hey.

Given that the Washington DC Circulator System provides over 5 million trips a year to visitors and inhabitants of the region, and that such trips cost only $1 a piece, the new deployment should expose quite a few people to their first all-electric bus rides. Perhaps the quiet ride will stand out to those who do, and spur them to take a closer look at consumer electric vehicles?