Want to live car-free? Pittsburgh is 11th-best metro area in nation

As more people in American cities are reducing their use of cars, Pittsburgh rates high as a place where one can live car-free.

In the Metro Car-Free Index released this week by CityLab, Pittsburgh came in at No. 11 among large metro areas with over 1 million people.

The report — by Richard Florida, a former Carnegie Mellon University professor, and his University of Toronto colleague Charlotta Mellander — examined the number of households without access to a vehicle and the share of commuters who either take transit, bike or walk to work.

The data relied on the U.S. Census’ 2017 survey. Metros were classified into four groups by population size from 250,000 people to more than a million.

Aside from the No. 11 ranking, Pittsburgh “ranks in the top 10% of all 382 metros at 37th,” Florida said in an email.