Want to fix Seattle traffic? Redditor makes game that allows players to tweak city streets and more

Every driver, bus rider, bicyclist and pedestrian has surely grumbled about what it takes to move around Seattle and perhaps many have even dreamed about what they would do differently if they had the ability to reimagine roadways, intersections, bike lanes, parking and more. Here’s a game that does just that.

Dustin Carlino released the alpha version of A/B Street on Monday, complete with a trailer on YouTube (above), writing in a post on Reddit that he has spent the past two years working on the open source computer game…

The detailed map of Seattle was built from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Carlino says a realistic set of daily trips by car, bike, foot, and bus are simulated. Players on Mac, Windows and Linux can make small changes to roads and intersections and then explore how the changes affect trips. More details on how it all works are spelled out here.