Walmart, Ford, Argo announce plans to launch autonomous vehicle delivery service

Walmart, Ford and self-driving startup Argo AI are collaborating on a plan to deliver customer orders in autonomous vehicles.

Using Ford’s vehicles, Argo’s self-driving technology and Walmart’s retail and customer base, the three companies plan to offer an autonomous vehicle delivery service in Miami; Austin, Texas; and Washington, D.C.

Argo has headquarters in the Strip District, but Pittsburgh isn’t on the list of cities where the initial integration testing will roll out later this year.

The partnership, announced Wednesday, is meant to speed up last-mile delivery service — the part of the delivery process where the product moves from a store or warehouse to a customer’s doorstep. The team-up will help each company learn how autonomous tech can play a role in customer’s expectations for next-day or same-day delivery, officials said.

Argo, Ford and Lyft are partnering to deploy autonomous vehicles on ride-hail networks in Miami this year.