Volvo is turning its ‘tough little robot’ XC40 into its first electric car

Volvo is finally ready to introduce its first series-produced electric car after spending years testing and developing the technology. The EV will be based on the existing XC40, so it won’t be a stand-alone model. It’s scheduled to make its debut in October 2019, and the company released preliminary specifications to give us an idea of what to expect from it.

Starting with an existing platform has pros and cons. The regular, gasoline-powered XC40 is already one of the safest cars in its category thanks in part to its internal combustion engine. It’s mounted right in front of the car, so it absorbs energy during a front-end crash. The battery-powered model evidently doesn’t have a four-cylinder crumple zone, so Volvo completely redesigned the front structure to achieve the high level of safety its customers expect.