Volvo completes California electric truck pilot with key findings to help the heavy-duty EV rollout

Here are a few of the best practices Volvo and its partners found during the program:

Route efficiency – Several factors can impact the range of a large, battery-operated trucks, such as hills, traffic, weather, and driving patterns. Volvo is introducing an Electric Performance Generator (EPG) based on information pulled from the study to find the most efficient routes.

Charging station availability – To make long-range hauling possible, reliable and cost-effective charging must be available. Several partners worked with Shell Recharge Solutions to install 58 EV chargers.

Training and support – Volvo worked with dealerships to support customers buying Volvo VNR electric trucks. The Trucking company also launched a technician training program, so workers can learn how to fix and work on heavy-duty electric trucks.

In addition, Volvo Trucks worked with a local organization, Reach Out, to create training materials for first responders. The training covers high voltage EV components and how to handle them safely.