Volocopter Moves To Enter U.S. eVTOL Air Taxi Market

Volocopter this week went public with its plans to introduce air taxi operations with its eVTOL aircraft into the U.S. market. In a January 15 announcement, the German startup said that the FAA has accepted its application to concurrently validate the EASA type certification it expects secure in the next two or three years.

The company said that its application was accepted by the FAA on December 22. According to a spokeswoman, the U.S. agency has indicated a willingness to consider an alternative basis for certification to the new Special Condition VTOL (SC-VTOL) certification process now being finalized by EASA…

Later this year, Europe’s EASA is expected to confirm means of compliance for its new Special Condition VTOL certification process, and Volocopter is pursuing this approval for its two-seat, all-electric VoloCity aircraft. Volocopter already holds EASA Design Organization Approval, giving it the required license to develop and build certified aircraft.