Volkswagen studies autonomous driving on demand, under subscription

The future Volkswagen Trinity, an electric saloon coming in the middle of the decade, will feature advanced autonomous driving features. The German brand is working on a system that will be made available to all customers, on demand: the “Driverless on demand” will be sold by subscription with multiple possibilities…

This will be the future Volkswagen Trinity 2026, electric and autonomous level 4 in 2026.

Delegating driving to the car’s control system will be activated via wireless software updates. Klaus Zellmer, head of sales and after-sales and of Volkswagen, who has told a German newspaper that “We can think about offering autonomous driving with hourly rates. Propose popular prices. For example 7 euros an hour. Those who do not want to drive for 3 hours will therefore pay 21 euros.

The proposal is curious and, for now, not definitive, since it involves carrying out a more in-depth study.