Visualizing data for on-demand transit planning

A new cloud-based tool lets transit agencies visualize data to learn where on-demand transit can supplement their existing fixed-route public transportation network.

The tool, called On-demand Planning, is the first joint product to be offered by startup Remix since Via, a transit technology company, acquired it in March. It combines data from Via’s more than 500 global partnerships and nearly 100 million rides with Remix’s intelligent transportation-planning software to reveal service gaps, evaluate demographics and determine how on-demand programs can augment fixed-route services…

Fixed-route transportation services use vehicles such as buses and trains that operate on regular routes at set times. By contrast, on-demand services are city- or county-provided ride-sharing that could replace underperforming fixed routes. According to the company, On-demand Planning lets users model on-demand transit operating costs, service-area demographics and service quality scenarios before implementation.