Vision Zero reports 50% decrease in severe crashes on roads with speed displays

A new memo released by Austin Transportation Department’s Vision Zero program on Thursday reported a 50% decline in severe crashes on roads with dynamic speed display devices (DSDDs). ATD has used the devices since 2016 as a means of reinforcing speed limits in mainly residential areas.

Most crashes happening in Austin occur on state-owned roadways, like highways; however, Austin has identified high-injury roadway sections where a disproportionate number of crashes occur compared to other city-owned roads.

In early 2022, the Vision Zero program installed 14 devices across five different locations that have previously recorded frequent, severe crashes, per the memo. Annualized crashes and severe crashes decreased by 50% in the first six months since their installation, the memo added.

An additional 16 devices were installed in mid-November, with crash data to be evaluated over time. The DSDDs reflect a driver’s speed and “can provide messages to reinforce adherence to the posted speed limit,” per the release.