Virgin Hyperloop Is Designing Travel That Will Enable You To Work From Anywhere

You’re hurtling through space and time at 670 mph, destination San Francisco. An hour ago, you were on your farm in Oregon, meeting with your team on Zoom. There’s something wrong in the data center and they need you to troubleshoot in person, so you book a ticket on Hyperloop and head over to the nearest portal. As you enter, your biometrics, body temperature, and luggage are scanned. Your phone then directs you to your pod where your amenities await. No one is next to you. No one is serving you. No one is driving the train.

This is the future of travel being reimagined by Virgin Hyperloop One, a startup founded by serial investor Shervin Pishevar and space engineers Josh Giegel from Virgin Galactic and Brogan BamBrogan from SpaceX.