VIDEO USDOT OST-R Transpo Innovation Series: “Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Mobility”

This presentation addresses some aspects of pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility in two parts. The first part summarizes efforts on and findings from a multi-jurisdictional initiative in the Las Vegas metropolitan area to enhance pedestrian safety. This includes an overview of several design and operational strategies at pedestrian crossing locations, measures to evaluate their effectiveness (MOEs), and results of analyses in terms of their relative costs and MOEs.
The second part addresses the influence of advances in vehicle technologies (e.g., e-bikes) and data collection technologies (e.g., GPS and cameras) on safety among cyclists. The role of new datasets, such as GPS probe data or continuous video monitoring, for bicycle safety analysis will be explored. The discussion first focuses on route-choice behavior using onboard telematics or smartphone data. The next topic that will be discussed is way these datasets can leverage other datasets such as continuous video monitoring to improve safety at specific areas. An application of this approach is shown for a problematic bicycle/rail crossing. This presentation also includes an exploration of transportation issues related to e-bikes and how they are likely the most primed to be instrumented and connected vehicles.