VIDEO: Deere Unveils Its First Electric Backhoe, the 310 X-Tier

At Utility Expo 2021 John Deere took the wraps off its prototype electric backhoe, the 310 X-Tier.

Deere announced development of this machine back in January. But Utility Expo was the first time anyone has had a chance to see and hear this extremely quiet backhoe up close.

It’s also the first time we’ve seen this model name: 310 X. The X is the highest tier in Deere’s new performance tiering nomenclature for its machines. It’s used to denote hybrid and electric machines and represents Deere’s latest and greatest technology.

And beyond the fact that this is a battery-powered machine, the other interesting aspect of the machine’s development is that it’s being tested with the help of National Grid, one of the world’s largest utility companies, serving 20 million+ customers throughout the northeast U.S.