ViaVan and Sutton Council launch intelligent delivery platform for emergency goods in UK

ViaVan and Sutton Council have partnered to leverage ViaVan’s demand-response transport technology to fulfill and optimize emergency food and supply delivery to more than 1,000 vulnerable residents in London’s Borough of Sutton.

ViaVan’s technology was previously used to power GoSutton, a demand-responsive bus service in the Borough, and now, ViaVan has deployed an intelligent delivery platform using this technology to automate the operations behind parcel distribution at scale. ViaVan’s technology ensures reliable routing and delivery of emergency parcels to those in need, with support from volunteer drivers. The project is supported by funding recently awarded to ViaVan by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, as part of its “Fast Start Competition”, launched to encourage the introduction of innovations borne out of the coronavirus crisis from technology start-ups.