Verizon seeks IoT boost from enhanced tracking tech

Verizon deployed a precision location tracking technology it claimed will enable more advanced IoT use cases across a range of verticals and make existing deployments more efficient.

Nicola Palmer, Verizon’s chief product development officer, stated real-time kinematics (RTK) technology slashes the typical 3 metre to 9 metre accuracy of standard GPS systems to within 2cm, “transforming what is currently possible when it comes to location-enabled services and new IoT solutions”.

The technology is not unique to Verizon: in 2019, SoftBank detailed plans to deploy RTK in Japan to serve autonomous driving use cases.

But Palmer noted “precision location services are becoming more critical” for a broad range of use cases as the IoT continues to grow, citing examples including drones, agriculture technology, infrastructure monitoring and asset tracking…

It highlighted partnerships with mapping company Here Technologies and self-driving software provider Renovo to develop autonomous vehicle systems which use RTK.