Verizon and Nissan demonstrate edge computing for improved connected-vehicle communication

Verizon has announced the completion of its cellular vehicle-to-everything communication (C-V2X) research with Nissan North America’s Research and Advanced Engineering team. The companies demonstrated how sensor data from vehicles and surrounding infrastructure can be processed at the edge of Verizon’s wireless network and communicated back to the driver in near real time.

The research was aimed at creating “a multi-viewpoint picture of safety hazards” that might be lurking beyond the vehicle and the driver’s line-of-sight. This was accomplished by testing a variety of vehicle-based and infrastructure-based sensor configurations. Then, sensor data gathered from Nissan vehicles and surrounding infrastructure was processed at the edge of Verizon’s network using the carrier’s 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength, a capability first launched in Boston and the Bay Area in August 2020. Once processed, insights are communicated back via the cellular network to vehicles in near-real-time, prompting Nissan’s Intelligent Shared World platform to initiate driver notifications.