Utah Pilot Program Installs GPS To Track Cars For Road Use Tax And Tolls

he Utah Department of Transportation, ETAN Tolling Technology, and the company ClearRoad announced the Local Road Usage Charging and Tolling Integration Pilot as a test for a new way to charge drivers for using the streets. GPS would monitor where vehicles are and bill the owners based on how they use the roads starting before the end of the year.

The pilot program will run for six months with approximately 100 volunteers. The test will occur in Ogden, St. George, Saratoga Springs, and South Jordan. These are medium-sized cities with populations ranging from about 50,000 people to slightly less than 100,000 people. A federal grant is funding the trial…

This is just a feasibility study for now. The Utah Department of Transportation would need to evaluate the results before deciding whether to implement this program for drivers in the state.