User Reporting Appears to Alleviate Scooter Parking Issues

E-scooters cluttering walkways, parks and other high-traffic areas have become a common site in many cities, and officials are aware of the problem. Some have taken steps to address it by requiring data from scooter companies, passing ordinances, or geofencing to deactivate scooters when they move into the wrong space.

Mobility companies have also moved to crowdsource parking enforcement by giving people ways to report wayward vehicles. One example, an app feature from Bird called “Community Mode,” is reporting some success after five months in effect…

In an email, communications manager Debbie Bass said Community Mode averaged more than 700 reports per day during the past five months, half of which came from people who don’t use the scooters but keep the app for reporting purposes. Bird has scooters in more than 100 cities worldwide.