US car buyers would pay a few grand more for hands-free driving, study says

When the technology does arrive, a new study shows US car buyers will pay a few grand more to put such a technology in their car. If we use the average price of a new vehicle as of June 2019, which was $37,185, according to Kelley Blue Book, Americans are willing to pay just over $3,300 for hands-free driving, or 9% more for the technology.

The latest results come from an AlixPartners study released on Thursday. The consulting firm surveyed more than 6,500 consumers in six countries, and found the value of autonomy varies greatly. While Americans think 9% atop the sale price is fine, China thinks 8% is the magic number. Meanwhile, in Germany, car buyers would pay 24% more for self-driving capabilities. That’s quite a premium to swallow.