Urban and Traffic Data Systems: 2011

Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2256 consists of 22 papers that explore network stratification method by travel time variation, license plate image binarization, centrality characteristics of road network patterns, commuting mode share, optimal paths in a public transit network, estimating route choice and travel time reliability, travel time prediction, detecting travel time outliers, pulse-breakup errors from freeway loop detectors, traffic information and management, and counting motorcycles and estimating motorcycle vehicle miles of travel.

This version of the TRR also examines nonintrusive technologies for traffic detection; dynamic traffic densities for official statistics; short-term counts to seasonal adjustment factor groupings; inductive loop detector sensitivity errors; automated quality assurance methodology for archived transit data; development of traffic inputs, forecasting traffic loads, and axle load distribution for the new Mechanistic–Empirical Pavement Design Guide; analysis of weigh-in-motion data for truck weight grouping; and capturing transportation infrastructure performance.