Unmanned fully autonomous trucks are finally amongst us

Starsky Robotics, a company based in California, has successfully finished a test run of 7 miles with a fully unmanned autonomous truck – without a safety driver behind the wheel or an engineer on the sideline. “Ours was a truly driverless vehicle, and to our knowledge, we are the only people who have done a test like that,” said Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO, and co-founder of Starsky Robotics. Incidentally, this puts their test run in the Level 4 category or higher on the SAE automation levels, making this a milestone in the autonomous technology segment.

The company has seen a lot of progress since it was founded over two years ago. “The first thing we built was a robust robot that would be able to remote control drive – first a rental car and eventually a truck – around the parking lot,” said Seltz-Axmacher. “In August 2016, we drove a truck around the truck yard, moved trailers for money with no person sitting behind the wheel.”