UK Introduces Lane-Keeping Tech for Driverless Cars

People in the U.K. could become the first residents to drive hands-free on motorways. The nation’s transport secretary, Grant Shapps, is forging ahead with his ambitious plan for driverless lanes in the country.

The U.K. introduced new lane-keeping technology for the shift to driverless cars, but it’s so far limited to motorways where Stop-Start traffic from opposite directions is separated by physical barriers, no pedestrians or cyclists are allowed, and the maximum speed is 37 mph (59.5 km/h).

The Times was the first to publish the news, and the U.K. Government announced its plans towards automated driving in a specific lane-keeping system in August 2020.

The lane-keeping technology recently introduced in the U.K. is step three out of five towards fully driverless car lanes.

Shapps is pushing hard for these driverless car lanes in the country, however he’s been met with concerns from insurance companies regarding the safety of all this new technology.