Udacity Adds Course on Flying Cars and Ramps Up Self-Driving Program

Udacity, a Mountain View online educational company focused on programming and robotics, will offer a course early next year covering basics of autonomous flight, with hands-on projects such as flight simulation and deploying code on a small drone. Like the company’s other programs, it will lead to a nanodegree, a certificate earned after mastering curricula targeted at specific job skills.

Udacity is also adding an introductory course on building autonomous cars, for those who lack the programming chops for its higher-level course on the subject. Ride-hailing service Lyft will sponsor 400 full scholarships to the introductory course for people from underserved communities.

Udacity founder and CEO Sebastian Thrun has himself transitioned from autonomous cars to flight: He pioneered self-driving cars at Google over a decade ago, and now, in addition to his Udacity work, he runs Kitty Hawk, a company started by Google co-founder Larry Page to make flying cars.