Uber unveils infrastructure principles calling for federal investment, innovation

Uber said Congress, which has been discussing the potential of a new infrastructure bill for some time, must do more. This includes prioritizing the stable condition of existing roads and bridges, expanding the use of public-private partnerships (P3s), promoting sustainable modes of transportation and embracing future technology…

Uber said preserving a good state of repair for America’s roads will be crucial for ride-hailing and other modes of transportation, while ensuring that lane striping and signs are up to scratch will help with the urban rollout of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the coming years. The company also called for enhanced public transportation funding, coming on the heels of its pledges to partner with local transit agencies to reduce personal car ownership.

AVs and electric vehicles (EVs) are also a key part of Uber’s future, and the company said government can “play a pivotal role in the acceleration” of that technology.