Uber Technologies to locate driverless testing operation in Pittsburgh

Uber, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company, is considering the 178-acre Monongahela River site for such a track, presumably to test self-driving cars. The company plans to use part of the site for the track for three to five years, Mr. O’Connor said. The track would be removed to clear the way for other development.  Uber also intends to use the property’s former locomotive roundhouse, which now houses Carnegie Mellon University’s autonomous car program, for technical research, Mr. O’Connor said.  The initiative, the councilman said, could create as many as 20 jobs and help boost the profile of the Hazelwood site, which is owned by a consortium of foundations known as Almono LP. “By Uber investing in Hazelwood, it makes it a national site and that’s something we really can promote in the neighborhood,” he said.