Uber Reportedly Tracked Lyft Drivers Using a Secret Software Program Named ‘Hell’

Uber secretly tracked Lyft drivers using an internal software program it dubbed Hell. Hell not only let Uber see how many Lyft drivers were available for rides and what their prices were, but also figure out which ones were double-dipping by driving for Uber, too. This meant Uber had data that made it easier to offer those drivers incentives to switch over to Uber exclusively. The software was called Hell in reference to “God View,” its tool for tracking the location of customers (God View, also called “Heaven,” was infamously abused by Uber employees to stalk journalists, celebrities and ex-girlfriends). Hell originated after Uber created fake rider accounts on Lyft and used software to trick Lyft’s system into thinking those riders were in certain locations. This allowed Uber to see the eight closest available Lyft drivers to each fake rider.