Uber is officially getting into the office carpooling business

The traditional UberPool—in which individuals are randomly matched to cars with strangers going the same way, making the ride cheaper for everyone—was shut off in mid-March, shortly after the World Health Organization recognized Covid-19 as a pandemic. It remains on hold globally. But today (Sept. 22), Uber is launching two new Uber For Business products that will bring back the option in a more controlled format.

The first, Employee Group Rides, pairs colleagues who live near each other with the same driver. And we do mean literally pair: At least for now, Covid-19 precautions mean that only two colleagues will be allowed to share a car…

Business Charter, the second new service, is an even greater departure from the Uber model as we’ve known it. In this case, large companies will have the ability to command entire fleets of vehicles—including SUVs, vans, shuttle buses, and coaches—to be made available to that firm alone.