Uber & Driverless Cars – Changing Your World

Before I speak about these two technologies together I just want to expand on Uber. One of the areas of Uber’s service and vision which is rarely discussed are their “side” products. From Uber fresh food delivery to Uber same day couriers – a lot is happening in terms of their product development. One of these is a multi-user ride sharing service called UberPool – the one I think is going to be the most transformative. UberPool allows multiple Uber users going to similar places to share a single ride, thus splitting the cost. For a little less convenience in the form of no longer having a backseat to yourself, a 2 minute detour and the potential for obnoxious comrades of travel, you suddenly see anywhere up to a 50% reduction in your Uber ride fee. And that is of a fee that is already way cheaper than your local taxi.
Is that becoming public transport fare territory?