Two San Diego Women Launch National Ridesharing Service For The Elderly

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft can help fill the gap, but there is a problem: they only work on smartphones, which many older people do not have. Last month, two native San Diegans launched a company called Arrive, which aims at a solution. Its users call the company’s operators on the phone, who then dispatch an Uber or Lyft to pick them up. Amy Stice, one of the co-founders and a Patrick Henry High School graduate, said she started the company with her 89-year-old grandmother in mind. “My grandmother talks to a friendly person on the phone, and a ride can pick her up from home in under 10 minutes,” Stice said. “Like a lot of her friends, she carries a flip phone, so it is simple for her to call us again to get picked up from her destination.”