Turnpike Toll Booths Could Be Replaced With All-Electronic Tolling

“[But] for those who don’t, there will be what we call tolling, which is basically a camera on each of our gantries,” said Compton. “The gantries are set up to be high speed so you’ll be on the main line and you’ll roll through the gantries. And then the camera will take a picture of the license plate, and the owner of the vehicle will be sent the toll.”
A bill — that will be at least a third higher than EZ-Pass will be mailed to you — but that may not last long either. Compton says he’s exploring a smartphone that you could hold up to the windshield that could work like an EZ-Pass.
“It’s with great partners like Carnegie Mellon that all these things become, that we really go to start thinking through,” he said.