Try these ride-hailing tips on your next trip

Most of my ride-hailing experiences have been uneventful — except for one recent trip to the airport. On a rainy afternoon, I failed to connect with my driver, which precipitated a soggy 20-minute delay. That got me thinking: Maybe I could benefit from some advice.

I asked academics, travelers and ride-hailing experts. And much like the ride-hailing industry itself, the answers I received were all over the map.

“The best strategy today is to have access to many services and to use each one when it best fits your trip needs,” says Stan Caldwell, executive director of Carnegie Mellon University’s Traffic21 Institute, which focuses on transportation issues.

For example, he says savvy travelers should consider using Uber or Lyft to get from home to a transit hub. Or they should use the ride-hailing services late at night when mass transit isn’t running. On other trips, a Zipcar rental or even a bike share or scooter might be more appropriate.