Truckers preview next-generation electric big rigs at Port of Stockton

Parked on the Port of Stockton grounds Thursday were two black and white Nikola zero emission semi-trucks that were being shown to truck driver fleets.

Nikola Motor is a truck original equipment manufacturer and energy company that focuses on making one hundred percent zero emission semi-trucks while also making hydrogen energy, according to Damon Owens, head of truck marketing at Nikola motors.

One of the trucks shown was a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that had a range of 500 miles and the other was a battery electric vehicle that had nine battery packs that delivered 733 kilowatt hours of battery capacity with a 330-mile range.

Both were class eight trucks and carried the same electric motor.

Dave Dein, co-founder of Next Generation in Trucking Association and the truck driving program coordinator and instructor at the Patterson High School Supply Chain and Logistics Training Center, test drove the battery electric truck in hopes of seeing what new technology would be coming to the truck industry.