Trimble work zone alerts designed to reduce rear-end crashes involving heavy trucks (VIDEO)

Trimble is partnering with Perdue University to develop a slowdown alert that could help reduce rear-end crashes in work zones.

Audible and visual alerts would be sent to commercial truck drivers via the company’s navigation and trip planning apps. The new alert service is expected to be available in June, Trimble says.

The alert service would use Trimble’s CoPilot Truck and MileOn by PCMiler apps or could be integrated into telematics and electronic logging devices. It will also be available on the Trip Management API in the Trimble MAPS platform.

Trimble says the system will alert drivers to slow down when it detects a drop in speed ahead. The goal is to prevent tractor trailers, which need a 50 percent longer stopping distance than cars at highway speeds, from driving too fast into work zones.