Transportation think tank releases study on congestion pricing

On Friday, a leading national think tank on transportation issues (Eno) released its study on congestion pricing and principles cities can use to develop viable programs while maintaining sustainability and equity.

The report, Congestion Pricing in the United States: Principles for Developing a Viable Program to Advance Sustainability and Equity Goals, provides cities with 10 principles to help cities work through the political, institutional, and communication challenges presented by congestion pricing.

Congestion pricing is assessing a fee on transportation modes during the busiest times of the day to reduce demand and incentivizing drivers to switch to other modes of transportation, seek other routes or travel at different times.

The report separated the principles into three stages of a congestion pricing development program and, using real-world examples, illustrates how cities can best work through the hurdles each of the stages faces. The program is separated into the idea stage, the planning stage, and the proposal stage.