Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Says Pittsburgh Will Play Role In Switch To Electric Vehicles

In his interview with Secretary Buttigieg, KDKA money editor Jon Delano noted three things that might encourage people to buy electric vehicles: more charging stations so you can travel anywhere, a much shorter time to charge or fill up with electricity and guaranteeing it’s cheaper to drive an electric vehicle over a gas one…

The Transportation Secretary sees Pittsburgh as playing a key role in the nation’s changeover to electric vehicles.

“Everything from the kind of research jobs connected with Carnegie Mellon which is at the forefront of a lot of transformation and innovation to union electrical worker jobs installing these electric charging stations to jobs even in manufacturing them in the first place,” he says. “A place with a proud industrial tradition as well as amazing educational and medical institutions, there is no question in my mind that Pittsburgh is positioned to be at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.”