Transportation groups call for national VMT program

Dive Brief:
A collection of transportation and labor groups have joined businesses and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in a joint letter to U.S. House of Representatives and Senate leaders calling for a national vehicle miles traveled (VMT) program to pay for infrastructure fixes.

…the groups warned that the reliance on the federal gas tax to keep the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) solvent is unsustainable, as tax receipts do not keep pace with new fuel efficiency and vehicle electrification.
Instead, the signees call for a national VMT program that would replace all current gas taxes and fees, building on a federal grant program that has looked to foster similar schemes at the state level. A national system — which they said should have provisions around data collection, equity, interoperability and costs — could be tested first by federal and state fleets, including by the U.S. Postal Service.