Transit App to Make Some Features Subscription-Only

Transit, an app that helps people plan, book and pay for rides on public transit and other mobility options, is introducing a subscription model.

The company’s subscription plan will be called Royale, and it will put up a paywall in front of certain features that have long been free. Namely, after a two-week grace period, users will have to pay to see schedules far into the future or transit lines that are distant from their current location. The subscription will cost $2 per month on an annual plan or $4.99 on a monthly plan.

In a blog post, Transit’s co-founders wrote that the change is necessary to make the business sustainable without resorting to other methods that users might find distasteful.

“Here’s what we refuse to do: blast you with distracting ads, mine your personal data, sell it to the highest bidder. Making you our product, rather than our customer. We think that’s wrong,” the post reads.