Trailers on the Road to Becoming Smart Partners in Freight Hauls

A new report from the Technology & Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations said technology can help improve trailer utilization and help trailers become “full partners” with tractors in moving freight more efficiently.

The tipping point will come, the report said, when the push for change from technology suppliers coincides with the pull from fleets eager to increase efficiency in their operations.

“How can we take the technology push from the suppliers with the fleet needs that are pulling the industry along and work together to accomplish something,” said Paul Menig, CEO at Business Accelerants, who collaborated with Charles Willmott, CEO at WillGo Transportation Consulting, to conduct the survey and analyze the results for TMC.

Menig and Willmott highlighted portions of the North American Trailer Rental/Lease Company Survey, for sale through TMC, during a webinar.