TRAILBLAZERS These women in technology are breaking the mold, taking on roles once dominated by men.

While men may still hold the majority of jobs in the technology sector, more and more women are taking leading roles managing efforts to advance the use of technology at companies across western Pennsylvania.

These profiles introduce women who are at the forefront of technological advancements for area firms.

These women have founded companies, worked to make self-driving cars a reality and integrated technology into the operations of well-known consumer operations…

Courtney Ehrlichman started bike commuting in Pittsburgh in 1998. She spent much of her career working at the Traffic21 Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and her interest in technology grew right alongside her passion to change the way transportation works.

Ehrlichman co-founded RoadBotics, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help local governments and organizations make data-driven decisions about their roads and infrastructure, in 2016.

She built up a team there, but she wanted to maintain her thought leadership and work on transportation issues on a more macro level, so she started her own firm The Ehrlichman Group.  The group advises startups, firms, industry and governments on the future of transportation and helps people push forward ideas for responsible tech in the space.