Traffic study by former head of NYC DOT reveals what he says is ultimate cause of congestion

A new study by former DOT commissioner Lucius Riccio points the finger at ride-share companies.

Last fall, the NYU Stern adjunct professor shot more than 90 videos documenting daytime traffic at random Midtown intersections and found TLC plates made up 36.3 of all vehicles on the road.

“They are three times more prevalent than taxis and by far the dominant vehicle in the streets, in Midtown, during the weekdays,” Riccio said.

He argues it was a big mistake allowing the city’s 100,000 ride-share vehicles to flood the market with minimal fees compared to taxis a decade ago. He proposes for-hire vehicles should be targeted first under congestion pricing and for their drivers to pay a permit fee.

“They were not charged the same as the yellows. They were only charged $250 a year, whereas the medallions were up to $1 million apiece,” Riccio said.