Traffic Monitoring: Automobiles, Trucks, Bicycles, and Pedestrians 2015

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2527, explores 11 papers related to traffic monitoring, including:

  • Need for National Standards in Transportation System Information, Acquisition, Processing, and Sharing
  • Use of Support Vector Machines to Assign Short-Term Counts to Seasonal Adjustment Factor Groups
  • Evolution and Usage of the Portal Data Archive: 10-Year Retrospective
  • Flexible and Robust Method for Missing Loop Detector Data Imputation
  • Use of Reidentified Vehicles to Evaluate Differential Calibration Accuracy Between Weigh-in-Motion Stations
  • Nonmotorized Site Selection Methods for Continuous and Short-Duration Volume Counting
  • Determination and Application of Standard K Factors for Bicycle Traffic
  • Leveraging Signal Infrastructure for Nonmotorized Counts in a Statewide Program: Pilot Study
  • Validation of Bicycle Counts from Pneumatic Tube Counters in Mixed Traffic Flows
  • Creating a National Nonmotorized Traffic Count Archive: Process and Progress
  • Database for Active Transportation Infrastructure and Volume