Toyota’s new electric three-wheeler is designed to do the walking for you

Toyota unveiled its new C+walkT today as a shiny new solution to the age-old problem of walking.

The C+walkT (don’t ask us how to pronounce that) is a standing electric scooter with three wheels.

Unlike other three-wheeled electric scooters we’ve seen, this one wasn’t designed to do double-duty as a fun form of alternative transport. The C+walkT is strictly business and strictly for walking.

It’s being billed as a walking replacement – but before you start sharpening your pitchfork and heading to the comment section, keep in mind that Toyota is largely targeting those with mobility issues.

This isn’t meant to be a Wall-E style lazy mobile, but rather is intended to make it easier for those who have trouble walking to get around large complexes like shopping malls and airports more easily.