Toyota Will First Deploy Advanced Self-Driving Tech In Commercial Vehicles

Before it brings advanced self-driving features to cars intended for personal use, Toyota Motor Corp plans to deploy them in commercial vehicles first. Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD) Chief James Kuffner said it will be easier to apply tech that doesn’t need direct, constant human monitoring to taxis and vehicles the firm is working on with the inclusion of mobile shops, Reuters reported.

Kuffner said, according to the report, referring to the level at which vehicles can self-drive with limited conditions, “It will take more time to achieve ‘Level 4’ for a personally-owned vehicle.” He continued, “Level 4 is really what we’re striving for to first appear in mobility as a service.”

Toyota and its suppliers are taking a longer view when it comes to cars that have artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving technology in comparison to rivals that market vehicles that can drive themselves on the freeway.